Services and workshops.

Most speech invitations range from 30 minute presentations to 90 minute keynotes.
Corporate workshops are scalable by 1/2 day to two full day practicums.
Nina is available to facilitate conference Break-Out sessions.

Individual One 2 One coaching

Imagine speaking your mind while someone truly listens without judgment or bias. All the while creating a safe and confidential environment to verbally process your thoughts, your values, your beliefs and what is important to you. You will learn how these aspects of yourself are connected to your personal and professional development.  


  • Taking Your "why" to another level into the What and How

  • Provokes a greater confidence level when to speaking to others

  • Standing in the power of knowing Who you are and how you show up

  • Encourages alignment of the three brains to produce positive and powerful language

  • Focus is on results by embracing the power of the process

Workshop Coaching with Discover and live Your Vision™

An experiential learning process empowering individuals in a team to materialize solutions and focus on the positive forward movement and transformation of the team. Thus creating a vision for the individuals and the team as a whole. Illuminating the connections of values for team awareness.  This process cultivates and promotes respect for the differences in each team member. In addition, a more seamless, cohesive and productive team relationship is created.  


  • Create a clear and compelling vision and purpose

  • Improved team communication and trust

  • Leadership initiative among team members

  • 35% increase in productivity

  • 50% increase in employee work satisfaction

  • Action is taken from day one to move through challenges

Administrators of Personal Affairs (APA) Effectiveness and Efficiency

With or Without a Power of Attorney Status

Coach Nina supports families in different stages with regards to caring for an older adult in your family. Helping families understand the meaning of the Power of Attorney and the time commitment it takes to be an administrator of personal affairs without sacrificing his or her own family, career, and life. Coach Nina will assess where you are in the process, asking questings via an intake survey and make suggestions based on the results.  


  • Basic knowledge and understanding of "how" to be effective and efficient in the process

  • Design a step by step personal family plan to caring for your older adult

  • Have greater confidence in being an advocate for your loved one

  • Peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for to the best of your ability

  • Learning the benefits of having a power of attorney

  • someone on your side with resources at the ready

I wish I would have hired Nina as a coach many years ago!  Her powerful questions cause me to dig deep and clarify the real goals I’m aiming for so that I’m able to move forward with more success in my life!
— P. Delaney, Operations Trainer for Boeing