Coaching to make the everyday extraordinary.

Productivity does NOT stay hidden in a box and neither do people! Expose the confidence within and watch them light up the room.



Coaching is a partnership between two parties to create inspiration, provocation, and trust. The process of the transformative coaching model creates awareness of the individual’s and/or team’s potential promoting their values from within to live authentically in every situation of the day. In addition, to creating insight of the diverse makeup of a team, the process designs an environment of value, respect, and a non-judgmental space for exploration, therefore, creating the synergy for increased productivity.

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Discover & Live Your Vision®

A transformational process facilitated by a trained and licensed professional coach. Living Your Vision® supporting clients in clarifying their vision, purpose, and core values.

  • Visionary leaders who want to make extraordinary contributions in the world and to their corporation

  • Individuals who want to bring a dream to life, a new career or a creative project or want fulfillment and balance personally or professionally

  • Team leads who want synergy for a more productive work atmosphere

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Powerful Language

Building employment team relationships or any relationship for that matter, can be complicated and awkward at first.  Relationships have a basic need, that need is, trust.  How do you build trust among your teams and their leaders? When you say what you mean and mean what you say in addition to a genuine follow up action; only then do you have the seeds for trust to take root.    

Coach Nina applies her skills from her experience and Masters in Organizational Leadership to facilitate her systematic approach  teaching how to deliver the most value and efficient language from the basis of all negotiation – effective communication.

I was very impressed with how adaptable and professional Nina was; listening to my team’s goals and desires.
— Christi Holder, Senior Executive Assistant Cloud Division, Microsoft Corporation