Conversational Intelligence Impact on Corporate ROI

Conversational Intelligence® is the key to success in life and business. It’s not about how smart you are, but how open you are to learn new and effective, powerful conversational rituals that prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success.

Nina applies her Masters in Organizational Leadership and Conversational Intelligence Certification to facilitate her systematic approach teaching how to deliver the most value from the basis of all negotiation – effective communication.

Discover Your Vision (TM) Corporate Workshop

Nina was invited by Microsoft to deliver a 2-day Discover Your Vision Corporate Workshop designed to leverage diversity and learning  styles to create a powerful team performance dynamic.

Nina’s experiential learning process empowers employees to perceive solutions over complaining and cultivate biases in favor of team differences. Increased trust, improved communication, and leadership initiative attributed to the training resulted in 35% increase in team productivity and engaged work satisfaction. 

Diversity Team Dynamics Keynote & Signature Workshop

Diversity Team DynamicsTM is Nina’s trademarked program she designed from years of both academic and field study of what makes diversity in the workplace successful or divisive.

Diversity is a hot buzz term so recognized for it’s collaborative power that Google has devoted entire research teams to study the dynamic of what works.  Nina has witnessed first-hand the extensive value or lost opportunity that diversity offers once corporations know how to tap into this resource through her program. 

Kathy Pearce, Executive Business Administrator to the CVP of Enterprise Client and Mobility

Nina facilitated a two-day ‘Discover Your Vision” Leadership offsite with my business support team. The offsite was a customized experiential learning process designed to focus on leadership, increased self-awareness, and cohesive alignment. The goal was for each individual to acquire and practice skills for relating to others in a genuine and honest way, perceiving others as they truly are, thinking holistically within relationships, and gaining practice for relevant and effective use of this skillset in the workplace and other settings in which authentic relationships are vital.

Through Nina’s supportive facilitation the team has built trust and cohesiveness, discovered inspiration and motivation, clarified their own core values, and created insights to productive accountability.

As a result the team has moved to a deeper level of excellence through comfort and ease in their own authenticity, positive and effective relationships, efficiency and clarity in communication, and moving to true collaboration and partnership.

Although there is still great diversity in the team make-up, there is now a bias for awareness, wholeness, and balance which ignites the teams passion & fun. Productivity has increased and the team has really taken it to the next level in synchronicity, leadership and support.

Kathy Pearce, Executive Business Administrator to the CVP of Enterprise Client and Mobility

My passion is teaching techniques that create the most value from a diverse team dynamic.

Nina Schloegel

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