About Coach Nina


Nina believes in creating a team culture that brings out each individual’s values to foster productivity and satisfaction for both the employee and the organization.

Utilizing a developed program for bringing the value from an individual’s inherent diversity, encourage him or her to engage in powerful language for meaning and clarity, will be two assets for creating self-awareness and self-confidence. Thus promoting an increase in productivity, employee satisfaction, and team retention.  

The four-step process is about: Discovery, Lucidity, Alignment, and Action.

Coach Nina will create a safe confidential environment for:  

  • Defining Leadership vs. Management

  • Increased Self Awareness and Clarity

  • Provoking Integrity and Authenticity

  • Cohesive alignment to build a Stronger Trusting Team environment

  • Communications with honest and open interrelations

Additional Qualifications:

  • Masters in Science Management, Organizational & Executive Leadership

  • Diversity Facilitator for REGIS University 6+ years

  • Discover Your Vision® Facilitator Licensing to Bring the Confidence out of your Corporate Team

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Accredited program

  • Professional Certified Credential (PCC) & Code of Ethics (Current Standing. Renewed every 3 years)

Productivity does NOT come in a box and neither do people! Expose the confidence within and watch them light up the room!
— Nina Schloegel