Nina Schloegel applies her Masters in Science, Organizational Leadership,  ICF Certified Coaching, & Corporate Speaking to develop programs and keynotes that empowers team diversity, communication, and productivity creating immediate Return on Investment.


Leaders want an engaged team – how do you know when you’ve achieved optimal productivity?

Does your team just present problems, or are they bringing creative solutions to management?

How do you maximize everyone’s contribution in your team when everyone has a different learning and communication style? More importantly, are you measuring improvement over time?

Christi Holder, Senior Executive Assistant for the Cloud Division, Microsoft Corporation

During Spring of 2015, I had the opportunity of working with Nina Schloegel.  I was very impressed with how adaptable and professional she is, listening to my team’s goals and desires.  My goal was to bring a unique growth opportunity to the first layer of my team of executive admins. Forming a more cohesive and effective team, and spark ideas of how they would be leading their administrative team equipped with renewed awareness of themselves moving forward. How we relate to each other and honor each other without the expense of ourselves.  Nina and her co-facilitator were very knowledgeable in what they presented and provided great activities and hands on experience in the two-day workshop.  Since the workshop, I have noticed the efforts in my team members and we have made strides to work seamlessly together, with their teams and managers.

Christi Holder, Senior Executive Assistant for the Cloud Division, Microsoft Corporation


Diversity Team DynamicsTM  created and facilitated by Nina. This is the best-of performance essentials from Nina’s toolkit that she teaches.

Science behind Clarity of Vision and Impact on Productivity

Effective Communication for Different Learning Styles

Why Conversational Intelligence Matters to Your Corporate ROI

Topics are available in presentation or workshop format and are customizable to meet the needs of your group and industry.

Most speech invitations range from 30 minute presentations to 90 minute keynotes.
Corporate workshops are scalable by 1/2 day to two full day practicums.
Nina is available to facilitate conference Break-Out sessions.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Masters in Science Management, Organizational Leadership
  • Diversity Facilitator for REGIS University 8 years
  • Discover Your VisionTM Facilitator Certification to Bring the Confidence out of your Corporate Team
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified (18 month Accredited program)
  • Associate Certified Credential Additional Licensing & Code of Ethics (Current Standing. Renewed every 3 years)
  • Conversational IntelligenceTM Certified
  • Communication Intelligence (graduating December 2017)
  • ICF Professional Coaching Credential (PCC) (Current through 2020)

Contact Nina to learn how her customized programs can contribute immediate  value to your organization or inquire about her one-one-one coaching program. 

Bill Hyatt, ABACA Principal Engineer

Nina presents herself well in public and has great leadership and speaking skills.

Rarely do I come across a person with such high qualities as Nina.

She is astute, intelligent, outgoing, honest, and, most importantly to me, she has a strong faith. One of her talents is she interacts well with others, treating all with respect.

Bill Hyatt, ABACA Principal Engineer

Naomi Quain, Guild Mortgage Project Specialist

Nina has been a huge instrument in directing me towards the paths I should focus on to achieve success. I can honestly say that NO ONE has ever helped me reach the levels that she has and it’s taken months to put into words what this wonderful woman has done. I can’t express enough how thankful I am for Nina and her support/ability to push me to be who I am called to be.

Naomi Quain, Guild Mortgage Project Specialist